My Beer List

8/18/2013 – Espiral Vinho Rose’ was enjoyed by S F S Good Find at Trader Joes

7/10/2013 – Steve had some Straub. American Lager brewed in the mountains of Pennsylvania, the all natural way.



6/29/2013 — Because I Like Bacon THAT Much…

I Saw This And I Knew Instantly It Would Fall Into My Cart…..Lo And Behold…..It Did!! A Few Short Days Later, After Patiently Waiting For The Beautiful Bottle To Reach The Right Temperature, I Decided To Taste. Un Frickin Bee Leeve A Bull !! Who Woulda Thought That “VooDoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale” Would Be This Great….But It Was….If You Get The Opportunity….Get The Bottle!……Oh And I Almost Forgot….Some “Good Times Maple Bourbon Whiskey” Made A Nice Compliment To The Pink Smoky Drink!

bacon beer

6/13/2013 Steve is currently drinking: Tank 7 by Boulevard Brewing Co.


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