Fried Pickles

first pickle pic

Fried pickles are  common bar food found more so in the south than other parts of the country, but they are gaining popularity at nearly the rate that Miley Cyrus gains Twitter followers.  Legend has it that Fried Pickles were first made in Atkins, Arkansas by some dude named “Fatman” Austin.  His recipe is said to be held close to his heart and highly guarded.  They say only select members of his family know his recipe and these days it is only used once a year at the annual Picklefest in Atkins each May.  I think I need to plan a visit to Arkansas!

I have eaten fried pickles all over the country, and until recently I hadn’t found one good enough to brag about.  That’s when I tried the fried pickles on the menu at Lew’s Bar and Grilllew's pickles

right here in good old Waldo, KCMO, USA!

These are the real deal.  They are tangy, tart, crispy on the outside, all while still remaining a crunchy pickled chip of cucumber.  If you’ve never had them, you need to.  Fried pickles are a wonderful appetizer.  And they just happen to pair well with almost any kind of beer, especially cold ones.  Lew’s fried pickles are so good that I cant remember the last time I went there and didn’t order them right off the bat.  Its pretty much a given that when I go to Lew’s I get Fried Pickles.

I have often thought about trying to duplicate these delicacies, but have never put the plan in action.  Until very recently that is.  It only took me 2 tries to make a snack that I think could stand up to the Fatman in a Fried Pickle Throwdown.
I tried regular old common everyday hamburger dill slices, and I tried whole kosher dill pickles.  I opted for the whole kosher dills, slicing them myself to a thickness of 1/8” to no more than 1/4” thick. pickle2

I made a simple tempura like batter from 1/2 cup flour, 1 teaspoon granulated garlic, pinch of cayenne pepper, 1 tablespoon all purpose seasoning salt, 2 Tablespoons of yellow cornmeal and 1 cup cold water.  Mix together until smooth.pickle4Pat dry your slices of cucumbers pickle3and dip into the batter.  Remove pickle slices from the batter, shaking off any excess.  Drop into 375 degree oil and fry for about 2 minutes until golden brown.  Remove from oil and drain over paper towels to absorb any extra unwanted grease.  Serve with your favorite Ranch style dipping sauce.  pickle 1

These came out pretty good if I do say so myself, and others said they were the bomb too!  They even got two thumbs up from one of my pregnant friends.  And we all know what they say about pregnant women and pickles!
Someone suggested I try the same thing except using some sweet bread & butter pickles in place of the dills.  Great idea!   Stay tuned.
Try these yourself and let me know how ya like me now!
Cook!  Eat!  Repeat!

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