Back In The Saddle Again

So…..I’m Baaaack!
No I haven’t been on vacation, I haven’t been on a trip around the world to “find myself”, I wasn’t on some super secret spy mission that I wouldn’t be able to tell you about, and No, I haven’t been salmon fishing in Alaska!
What I have been is busy. The past few weeks have been one of those periods in time where real life issues get in the way. One of those time periods we have all experienced at one time or another where our full time “paying” job requires a little extra attention.
So in the spirit of getting back on track, and posting more than just snapshots on Instagram or Twitter, this post is going to be a series of views from my eyes, in my kitchen, over the past few weeks. We have served numerous Social Balls, Fundraisers, Weddings, Conventions, Off Property Caterings, Drop off Meal Services, Holiday Meal events, Client Appreciations, and just about any other type of event where food is needed. The events ranged in number from 25 people to 1100 people. One recent Friday at lunch time we served 1100 meals in one ballroom, while at the same time serving 8 other ballrooms each with 80-90 people. We gave new meaning to the phrase “organized chaos”!
Here we go. Ladies and Gentlemen the Chef has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt Sign. Seat backs and trays in the full upright position. Buckle up, it might get bumpy! If you have any questions about our flight today or any other day, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.
Now that we have reached our confortable cruising altitude lets bring on the first course:

20140512-121502.jpgTomato Mozzarella Caprese Canapés

20140512-121804.jpgFingerling Potato, Caviar & Crème Fraiche Hors d’oeuvres

20140512-121907.jpgPea & Parmesan Appetizers
It was Good Friday so what better way to eat seafood– The Southern way. We fired up the pots

20140512-123904.jpgThrew in required vegetables

20140512-124102.jpgAnd had a Crawfish Boil.


20140512-124348.jpgInstructions included.

Found time for a little humor, or good advice, depends on how you look at it.

20140512-124617.jpgCut some pineapple for 900 people.

20140512-124728.jpgSome healthy, tasty food was also on the menu

20140512-124838.jpgRoasted Chickpea & Red Quinoa Salad

20140512-125001.jpgOne of the big Non Profit Organizations even made a model of me for their fundraiser.

20140512-125105.jpgThe theme was “Recipe for Success”.
Tried our hand as Sandwich Artists

20140512-125219.jpgMade a few Fried Wild Mushroom Risotto Bites

20140512-125322.jpgAnd some Sesame Crusted Shrimp Skewers

20140512-125428.jpgSmoked Corned Short Ribs

20140512-125603.jpgThese were so good that they shouldn’t be legal.

20140512-130058.jpgHere’s a look at one corner of one of our walk in coolers.

20140512-130214.jpgOf course there were tons of dishes, pots, and pans to be washed, Seems like they could never get caught up.

20140512-130345.jpgMade a few Veggie Spring Rolls

20140512-130516.jpgAssembled some Boxed Lunches.

20140512-130617.jpgWe do lots of “Food That Travels”!

20140512-130704.jpgLocal Cheese Displays

20140512-130806.jpgHouse Smoked Meat Platters

20140512-130846.jpgA super Funky Farro Salad

20140512-130947.jpgLots of Ratatouille

20140512-131047.jpgPan Seared Chicken Breasts

20140512-131142.jpgCarrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches with Crème Filling

20140512-131246.jpgFlourless Chocolate Torte Squares, G-Free and To Die For!

20140512-131328.jpgCandied Walnuts

20140512-131423.jpgSalads on the plating belt for 1000 people

20140512-131549.jpgMini Shrimp Ceviche Cocktails

20140512-131633.jpgMore fruit

20140512-131801.jpgAcorn Squash

20140512-132538.jpgGuacamole Salad

20140512-132627.jpgI know this isn’t technically IN my kitchen, but it’s in my back yard! The Mighty Morel!

20140512-132714.jpgBBQ Shrimp & Pork T-Loin Tacos

20140512-132754.jpgWith all the fixins!

20140512-132831.jpgSome Black Eyed Pea Vinaigrette

20140512-132950.jpgTo go with this Fried Green Tomato Salad

And some nice knife work on these pretty cut vegetables.

20140512-133309.jpgThat’s what I’ve been up to lately!


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