Super Granola

20140331-110038.jpgSo I was watching some show on television the other day, I can’t remember what it was so it must have been high quality programming. Anyway, before I stray too far off the path, there was some supermodel babbling on and on about eating healthy. Ding! Caught my attention. She mentioned something about some granola that she made with Quinoa. Sounded interesting. I’m a big Quinoa fan so I devised myself a plan to make some granola, with Quinoa, one of them most prevalent “Superfoods” out there right now.
Why is Quinoa so good for you? I knew someone would ask! Quinoa qualifies as a “Superfood” for several reasons, but its most glaring property is the fact that it is a complete protein. That means that it has all 9 of the essential amino acids, in correct proportions, that your body needs in its diet to function at its best. Some other examples of complete proteins are meats, cheese, fish, poultry, eggs, yogurt, milk. Quinoa is even more valuable to Vegans because most other complete proteins are derived from animals. Quinoa is a plant. I used some rolled oats, rather than quick oats, mainly because I like the texture and size of the rolled oats better than quick oats. See how large the grains are?
I also tossed in some Buckwheat groats. Buckwheat groats are the grain or kernel of the Buckwheat plant. Now relax, Buckwheat is Gluten Free. Actually it is not even related to wheat at all. It is a completely different plant, and the groats give a nice crunch in this recipe.
Next I opted for some Chia seeds. Chia seeds are very healthy as well and are most often seen in smoothies, energy bars, breakfast cereals, or mixed in with yogurt.
These 4 ingredients, The Quinoa,

20140331-111003.jpgRolled Oats,

20140331-111613.jpgBuckwheat groats,

20140331-111739.jpg and Chia seeds,

20140331-112150.jpgcombine to form the base of my Super Granola. Or Grainola. Or Quinola. Whatever.
So I move on to some more familiar ingredients, but also keeping with the healthy theme. I used some sliced raw Almonds,

20140331-112351.jpgraw Pumpkin seeds,

20140331-112537.jpgraw Sunflower seeds,

20140331-112703.jpgraw Walnuts,

20140331-112844.jpgshredded Coconut,


20140331-113306.jpgpure Maple syrup,

20140331-113453.jpgCoconut oil,

20140331-113626.jpgdried Cranberries,

20140331-113751.jpgand dried Blueberries.

20140331-113853.jpgOk pay attention because there might be a quiz afterwards. This is a pretty easy process though, so I expect all of you to ace said quiz!
The first thing you need to do is mix the Quinoa, Oats, Buckwheat and Chia seeds in a large bowl and stir to combine.
Add the Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Walnuts, Sunflower seeds, Coconut and Cinnamon and stir again to mix.
Add the melted Coconut oil and Maple syrup and stir gently to coat the entire mixture.
Pour the mixture onto baking pan lined with parchment paper.

20140331-114159.jpgSmooth out the mixture into an even layer.

20140331-114329.jpgBake in 225° F oven for 60 minutes.

20140331-114546.jpgRemove from oven and sprinkle dried Blueberries and dried Cranberries over top. Allow to cool completely.

Break it into pieces or it crumbles pretty easily as well.. Store in airtight container and enjoy!



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