The Next Superfood . . .

Imagine eating turkey without mashed potatoes, or Chinese food without rice, meatballs without spaghetti – edible, but not enjoyable.  As popular and effective as low-carb diets are, the truth is a meal without carbohydrates – rice, noodles or potatoes is lame, boring, and unsatisfying.  I know the feeling, as lots of others do.  I’ve seen and known people lose 25 pounds in 2 months on a low-carb diet.  The one thing they all say about these journeys is that once you get back on the road to freedom and put carbs back on your plate, the weight finds its way back in a flash.  Rationing or cutting out certain things like mashed potatoes, pasta, rice, and sugar only makes a person want it more.   So here’s a thought, why not make those things from foods that you’re supposed to eat more of anyway, such as VEGETABLES?

Take Cauliflower for example.head of cauliflower

Chop it.  Steam it.  Mash it.  Blend in some butter or even cream cheese and BAM!  All of a sudden the cruciferous cousin of broccoli looks and tastes like mashed potatoes-cauliflower mash

but with fewer calories and fat, and about 30 % less carbs.

During a recent conversation about Kale being the King of Superfoods, I was asked what I thought would be the next Superfood.  Without hesitation I predicted Cauliflower.

It’s popping up on menus all over the place in all shapes and forms.

Food trend experts have named it a hot commodity for 2014.

The Canadian Press last month crowned it “the new kale”, and cauliflower has been called one of 30 buzzwords in food this year.

Cauliflower is all-purpose, extremely adaptable, and can even be prepared protein.  It is readily available all year round and usually its fairly cheap.

It is Gluten-free (ding sing, another buzzword), good for diabetics because it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels like lots of foods.

I’ve seen it cut crosswise into thick slabs and seared or grilled, much like you would a steak.  I tried this and it’s actually pretty good.

I’ve even heard of chefs grating it into small pieces the size of rice and cooking it risotto style.  Yumm!

I think what I like about cauliflower the most is its versatility.  Raw, florets, chopped, cooked, steamed, roasted, grated and marinated, pureed into a soup, whatever way you want to eat it is good.

Most people don’t realize this but cauliflower is a great source of Vitamin C, and fiber.

Rutgers University says cauliflower also can prevent cancer.  They did a study that showed cooked cauliflower seasoned with turmeric help to defend against prostate cancer.  Who knew?

Just remember one thing – The worst way to cook cauliflower if you’re concerned with its health benefits is boiling it.  Boiling cauliflower seems to kill most of its cancer blocking properties.

The bottom line to get the most out of your cauliflower – – Eat it fresh.  Steve From Scratch Style.  Cook.  Eat.  Repeat!


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