First BBQ Of The Year !

A few days ago I was having that all too familiar urge to barbecue. Mother Nature was nice enough to cooperate just enough so that I could get the grill going. The sun was out, a sight breeze was blowing, and the beers were cold. So what else to do but go to my secret vault and get out some of my favorite meat to BBQ. I went straight for the pork. Thick center cut pork loin chops to be exact. I put on a dry marinade of brown sugar and garlic and let it sit for hours to develop.

While this was happening I had to raid the fridge and see what I wanted to serve alongside “the other white meat”. I found some Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, Spanish onions, cranberries , and an orange. Well that was easy. I peeled the sweet potatoes and cubed them, mixed them with the Brussels sprouts and chopped Spanish onion, then tossed them with a small amount of olive oil, salt and pepper.
I put them on a foil lined baking pan

20140119-170202.jpgand roasted them in a 375 degree oven for about an hour, just enough time to enjoy a couple Tank 7’s, until they just started to turn brown.
I also took this time to throw the cranberries and orange (peel and all) into a food processor until chopped and chunky. Add a few tablespoons of honey or your favorite sweetener and mix together.

20140119-170446.jpgSee, I was doing more than just drinking beer in this power hour. At this point it was time to drop the oven temp to 275, fire up the grill, and cook the pork.

20140119-170639.jpgCook a few minutes on each side and allow to rest before you cut in.

20140119-170836.jpgThere you have it

20140119-171036.jpgFirst BBQ Of The Year!


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