Nashville, Indiana

So before we departed Indiana, we decided to explore the neighboring town of Nashville, a tiny yet bustling town about an hour south of Indianapolis. Nashville, Indiana is an historic Hoosier artist colony located in the mystical Blue Hills of Brown County. I consider myself to be a city boy but I am a sucker for a day of small town hospitality so Nashville seemed to be the perfect escape. There are year round activities in Nashville, including but not limited to hiking, biking, wineries and wine tastings, hundreds of unique craft, specialty & antique shops, You can see artists making their wares in galleries and craft studios all over town and throughout Brown County, Indiana. Brown County is known as the “artist colony of the Midwest”. As we walked the streets for blocks and blocks of shops it quickly became evident that the town was very popular destination for family visits as well as adventurous singles and fun-loving couples.
We founds lots of cool and interesting places. Most of the ones I photographed center around food. No big surprise, right? First stop was the Nashville Fudge kitchen. I have never seen such beautiful fudge and so many flavors of hand made popcorn in my life.

20140105-214258.jpgWe left with 4 samples.

20140105-214522.jpgAnd some fudge of course.

20140105-214836.jpgThere are lots of places with home cooked comfort foods. Next stop – House Of Jerky.

20140105-215011.jpgWe wandered a little bit and found the Cedar Creek Winery tasting shop.

20140105-215204.jpgLeft with this fine bottle.

20140105-215506.jpgThen we found Brown County Winery tasting shop and decided to see what they had to offer. We ended up scoring some more great small batch wines. We like them all so much that we couldn’t adopt just one.

20140105-215659.jpgNext we stopped in a cool place called the Nashville General Store & Bakery. I got these 2 little gadgets

20140105-215827.jpg(if you can correctly tell me what these nifty tools are I will make you a culinary treat of your choice)

20140105-215945.jpgAnd a sample of this interesting syrup that I’ve never seen before. Probably because its only made in Brown County, Indiana.Found another fudge shop


20140105-220121.jpgand had to come away with this particularly appealing one.


20140105-220356.jpgRed Velvet Fudge. It was worth it!After all the long hard work of shopping and whatnot, we had to try Big Woods Brewing


20140105-220704.jpgfor some lunch.

20140105-220832.jpgThis turned out to be another outstanding gem. We started with some Bare Knuckle IPA and some Six Foot Blonde.

20140105-220932.jpgI liked the Six foot Blonde better out of the two. Then we decided to get the full tour and experience a sampler flight of 8 beers.


20140105-221210.jpgGood choice!

20140105-221248.jpg They had this Christmas Chocolate Milk Stout that was out of this world.
For the solid part of our lunch we dined on Stout Chili Nachos

20140105-223336.jpgTortilla chips drizzled with buffalo hot sauce and topped with Big Woods Stout Chili, corn , tomato, onion, jalapeño, cheddar cheese, sour cream & guacamole and and order of Pulled Pork “Wimpies”

20140105-224209.jpgthree mini pulled pork sandwiches with kicked up cucumber slaw, BBQ sauce, and house fried kettle chips. Lunch was so good. Thanks to Jaclyn for taking such good care of us. Can’t wait to find time for another visit to paradise!


2 thoughts on “Nashville, Indiana

  1. I really enjoyed all your stories of your travels. Will be waiting for stories from your next road trip….hope I don’t have to wait for summer.

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