Columbus, Indiana

So we started making our journey westward to Iowa, with our first waypoint being the Amish Cheese Shop in Cambridge City, Indiana.

20131230-183132.jpgWe were barreling down the interstate at speeds just above the posted limit and found ourselves gazing at the big sign on the side of the road.

20131230-183332.jpg At the same instant we both said “Let’s stop and check it out”! Three minutes later we were getting out of the car for a stretch and a shopping spree.

20131230-183519.jpgI should call the Food Network and get a show out of this kind of thing. Not to get anyone sidetracked or anything, but I couldn’t help taking a picture of this “sweet ride”.

20131230-184055.jpgThe Amish Cheese Shop has artisan cheeses made from cows milk collected from Amish farms. The cows are not fed artificial hormones or additives and the herds average 40 head instead of 400 or more like the large factory farms. This is the only milk used in their Amish cheeses. I didn’t even realize it happened like this but as soon as we got inside I found myself mesmerized by this certain species of cheese.

20131230-184251.jpgI wonder why??? Papa is a pretty busy guy it seems.

20131230-184554.jpgWe ended up taking a few prisoners along the way.

20131230-184840.jpgSpeaking of cheese here’s a few other specimens we got from Grandpa’s Cheese Barn in Ohio.

20131230-185020.jpg I apologize for not posting their pictures with their respective makers, but hey….”It ain’t easy bein cheesy”!

20131230-185147.jpgOh and we had to get something other than cheese so why not get the next best thing ?

20131230-185313.jpgCouldn’t pass this up either

20131230-185445.jpgThe Troyer Family has been making and smoking bologna for over a century now. They must be doing something right. In 1912, Michael Troyer created a unique special formula which consisted of a blend of seasonings to make a delicious all-beef bologna. Four generations and over 100 years later, the Troyer family continues to produce tons of genuine Trail Bologna daily. This isn’t bologna

20131230-185912.jpgBut it sure looked good. It’s coming with. So after a quick stretch and a little shopping, we were back in gear and headed west. few hours later we found our stopping point of Columbus, Indiana. What an awesome place this is. We found ourselves in a small town with population of about 44,000 people. Very cool people. From the very moment we got out of the car and checked into our hotel we knew this was going to be a great experience. We got some coffee, and headed out for some dinner. We hit downtown Columbus and found the Columbus Bar.


20131230-190714.jpgThis place is one of Indiana’s oldest continually operating bars. It is nicknamed the “CB”. It’s a very eclectic full service family oriented brewpub and restaurant where they put their own twist on home cooking. They pride themselves on quality and purchase many of the items they serve locally. naturally we had to sample as many of their menu items as we could, and I am glad we did. We had Mini chicken dogs wrapped in honey corn breading

20131230-191241.jpgKraut Balls – Sausage, kraut, onions, and cream cheese rolled in Panko bread crumbs and fried to a golden brown served with horseradish mustard sauce

20131230-191536.jpgA wicked rendition of Tots……outta this world……

20131230-191940.jpgCB’s version of Canada’s famous Poutine….with mushroom gravy and fried cheese

20131230-192208.jpgMac and Beer Cheese – Steaming bowl of house made mac and beer cheese made with 2 Dave’s IPA topped with locally made smoked sausage.

20131230-192421.jpgAfter hearing the story of their pork tenderloin sandwich and how it was twice honored by the NY Times, we had to try one of those too.

20131230-192532.jpgAll of this paired exceptionally well with their brews, my favorite being Diesel Oil Stout

20131230-204419.jpgThis beer is a social lubricant, a beer that lives up to its name. This is a black stout beer with a firm brown head. They add a little bit of lactose for ballast. Columbus is home to Cummins Inc., makers of diesel engines. This beer is dedicated to the hard working men and women of Cummins!


20131230-204645.jpgThere is one item we didn’t try but were quite intrigued by

20131230-205144.jpgIt’s called the 8th Deadly Sin. I guess I’m left with two choices; go back for a visit or try and create it myself. I think both are in order. Special thanks to Mike and “Rock Star” for making our visit to Columbus and the “CB” most excellent.


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