Exit Ohio, Enter Pennsylvania

So we crossed the state line into Pennsylvania and immediately noticed a change in climate. This started falling from the sky

20131229-050351.jpgand when it stopped / slowed down days later it looked like this.

20131229-050512.jpgWe found an awesome place called The Brewerie (note the spelling of “brewery” in Erie, PA is actually spelled “brewerie”!)

20131229-051025.jpgI started with this liquid libation

20131229-051211.jpgand holy schnikes was it good!

20131229-051314.jpgIf you haven’t guessed what flavor that was then I’ll gladly say it was a glass of The Breweries finest seasonal brew “Shittersfull Molasses Brown Ale”. Soooo good. The next two treats we found at a local coffee shop.

20131229-052120.jpgSpinach , Artichoke, and Tomato Quiche, 4 out of 5 stars, and this Pizza Stuffed Pretzel

20131229-052345.jpgNow don’t get the wrong idea, there was a shitload more of awesome eats we experienced, I was so overcome with glutton and good company that I forgot to take pictures of a lot. Regardless, we ate our way thru Northwestern PA! I promise to be a better blogger in the next few states. Stay tuned.


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