On The Road…Again…

So it’s that time of year when tradition says you visit family. It’s Christmas. This years voyage takes us from KCMO to Pennsylvania to Iowa and finally back to KCMO. Stay tuned to this channel for some of my culinary finds. Buckle up, it’s a bumpy ride at times! The first stop was Grandpa’s Cheesebarn in Ashland, Ohio.

20131228-072154.jpgThis place is Bad Ass!

20131228-072324.jpgIt’s filled with the finest cheeses, homemade dips, spreads, chocolates, and specialty items that a person could want.

20131228-072433.jpgCars pull off the highway and make their way to Grandpa’s all day long. Check out these pictures and you’ll see why. They have literally hundreds of different cheeses

20131228-072747.jpgCured meats

20131228-072926.jpgreally good jerky

20131228-073035.jpgDips & Spreads

20131228-073216.jpgevery kind of vegetable you can dream of, made into a chip

20131228-073330.jpgcookies that are O M to the G


20131228-073540.jpgCan’t wait to recreate those bad boys- Anyone want to be my tasters? Grandpa even makes sodas.

20131228-073738.jpgAnd finally, the best and tastiest delight that put Ohio on the culinary map

20131228-074228.jpgYes they are as good as they look!


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