Cabbage Soup, Enjoy The Go!

Hearty, Healthy, Satisfying, and super easy to make. There are many variations of this soup, and just as many reasons for eating it. Some say simmering cabbage in a spicy broth is a cure for the common cold. Some say they eat it to lose weight. I’m not sure about the curing of the colds, but I can tell you that Cabbage Soup CAN actually help you lose weight. There is even a diet plan based on Cabbage Soup – – It’s based on eating large amounts of Cabbage Soup, which has very little calories, for a period of 7 days. The Cabbage Soup Diet also entails eating certain specific foods on certain days during that week long period. You’re only supposed to follow this diet for a week, and chances are that you will, mostly because it is so boring that you will quickly get tired of it. There’s no magic involved and cabbage isn’t a “Super Food”, its all based on the low calorie content of Cabbage Soup. Most people that follow this diet will lose weight rapidly in a week. The trick is to be able to keep that weight off and not put it right back when you start eating normally again. Whatever you do, don’t follow this diet for more than a week because it will leave you with a severe lack of nutrition, and that’s not good for anyone.
I made my version of the age-old folk remedy the other day. I took diced onions, celery, and carrots (mirepoix – meer-pwah,to those in the culinary world),

20131203-215104.jpgboiled them in some vegetable stock

20131203-215218.jpgfor 30 minutes to soften the vegetables and extract some more flavor.
Then I added chopped green cabbage

20131203-215320.jpgand boiled some more, about 30 minutes until the cabbage is tender to your liking.

20131203-215413.jpgAt this point you want to season your broth with garlic, black pepper, red pepper, oregano, some diced tomatoes, and a touch of salt. I like to add about 2 tablespoons of white vinegar for a special punch. Simmer the soup for an additional 10 minutes and adjust the seasonings.

You can add other things to the soup, as long as they are low in calories and high in fiber. I have added potatoes, barley, farro, green or yellow wax beans, and even sauerkraut.
Serve and enjoy!

20131203-215533.jpgOne other thing – make sure you have plenty of Charmin on hand, and enjoy the Go!



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