Clean Poutine

Poutine has been gaining popularity and varieties over the years and anyone who knows what it is and who’s eaten it can understand why. I’m sure some of you have even eaten this dish and didn’t realize it had a name.
So what is Poutine? Poutine is a delectable combination of warm crispy french fries topped with brown gravy and fresh cheese curds.
This mess was born in Canada, most will say Quebec, in the late 1950’s. One story goes like this: A French cook in Quebec was asked to put some cheese curds on an order of french fries and said – “ça va faire une maudite poutine” (“it will make a damn mess”). The gravy was added to keep the mess warm longer. However sloppy the dish looks, it has some of the most familiar comfort foods in it. No wonder it’s so damn good. Slowly Poutine crept into the northern States in the US, and eventually it has gotten so popular and trendy that chefs all over the United States are pimping their versions of this Canadian mess. I’ve heard tales of Poutine topped with such amenities as truffles,caviar, bacon, chicken, short ribs, pulled pork, lobster, shrimp, and even rabbit. Whatever’s clever is what I say, just as long as you keep the 3 core ingredients that make it so indulgent and mouthwatering. This is the perfect dish to experiment with and come up with your own version.
Be adventurous. Experiment. Enjoy.
Here’s my version. I took the 3 essential ingredients, potatoes, cheese, and gravy, and repurposed, re-ordered, and re-presented them to introduce you to….“Clean Poutine” !
I used locally sourced Shatto Farms Mushroom & Garlic Cheese Curds (the cheese component),

20131110-173326.jpgbreaded them with finely crushed Miss Vickies BBQ Potato Chips (the potato component),

20131110-173456.jpgand served them with a rich and luscious Bordelaise sauce (the gravy component) on the side for dipping.

20131110-173614.jpgNeat. Clean. Comforting. Addicting!


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