American Royal BBQ Weekend

So this year I finally got to do something that I’ve wanted to do ever since I moved to Kansas City back in 1998. I competed in the American Royal World Series of BBQ Competition. It is THE largest BBQ Competition in the United States, with over 500 teams competing. To be exact, this year there were 535 teams, from all over the world, in competition to make their best smoked meats, sauces, and sides. Even though it’s called the “World Series” of BBQ it’s more like the Super Bowl of BBQ.
My team was the 12th St. Pit Bosses.


20131014-190635.jpgThe team consisted of Steve-O (myself), My friend and co Chef, Vince, our Project Manager Elizabeth, my IT/ Talent Manager/ Design Artist Libby, and support agents Deanna and Brittany.




20131014-191131.jpgNow, it isn’t only about the competition. If you are lucky enough to get invited to a private party Friday night, you’ll be entertained by live bands, DJ’s, and have an open bar on top of sampling the amazing food. It’ll beat your favorite BBQ restaurants by far. We went with an Octoberfest In KC BBQ Theme for our entry in the “Friday Night Party of The Year Contest” and we served Smoked Bacon Stuffed with Bacon Sausage and topped with a Roasted Onion Bacon Jam alongside some Beer Brined Kimchi Style Kraut Salad. We had Smoked Sweetbread Schnitzels with Gouda Mashed Potatoes, Burnt End Chopped Salads, and for Dessert we served Vanilla Bourbon Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Icing and Candied Bacon. I need not say any more. We had great food, great times, and tons of people swearing that I was Guy Fieri and wanting their picture taken with me. I guess he looks like me or something.







20131014-191918.jpgEnd result — We won 3rd Place for Party of The Year. Not surprised. We are pretty BA !
I saw lots of USA pride.

20131014-192140.jpgSome pretty cool smokers.



20131014-192412.jpgA cool Old GMC Pickup Truck.

20131014-192530.jpgOne team even built a water tower on site.

20131014-192626.jpgThe next day we turned in our entries for the Beans,


20131014-193002.jpgand Potato Categories. Then we had a Saturday Night Party with friends that included a pretty challenging drinking game,

20131014-193134.jpgand we started up the smoker. Some of the entries needed a good 12 -13 hours smoke on them to get good.
Sunday was the big finale. Starting at 12 noon we were pulling meats off of the smoker and slicing them for presentation and judging. We had 5 entries that day; Chicken,








20131014-193901.jpgand Sausage.

20131014-194103.jpgOne entry every 30 minutes.

20131014-194201.jpgYou have to present all of your meats in these styrofoam (eww, blech) containers lined with parsley leaves. You have a 5 minute grace period around the scheduled turn in time to get your products to the turn in tables. We timed our walk and it was 3 minutes 34 seconds. Being the athletic type that I am, I did the proper thing and stretched before the run. . .errr. . . walk.

20131014-194732.jpgOnce you get to the building where you turn in foods, there are lots of lines waiting to drop off food to be given to the judges.

20131014-194835.jpgIt was quite an amazing site. Once you turn in your entry it’s time to go back and get your next one ready. Then later that day at the awards ceremony you find out how you did in each category and overall. We placed 4th for Beans,

20131014-195336.jpg82nd for potatoes, 105th for sausage, and 121st for dessert. Not bad for some 1st timers. Anyway, after a long and smoky weekend, we had a great time. And learned a lot.


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