Pumpkin. Cinnamon, Spice, and Everything Nice. Apple Cider. Chili. Hot Chocolate. Thanksgiving Dinner.

Anyone want to grill out on their deck? Go out for ice cream or frozen Custard? Drink some fresh, zingy, ice-cold Sangria? Steve-O’s fresh squeezed, handcrafted Margaritas? Not so much, huh? These things are all to cool for school when summer starts, but there is something about cool weather and the start of fall that changes things.
We stop thinking about going to the beach (well some people do but not me – I want to be at the beach 365/24/7) baseball games and backyard BBQ’s, and instead focus on Tailgates, Football games, and Trick or Treating. It somehow seems easier to stay late at work or school, instead of daydreaming about pools, beaches, and laying in the sun. Baseball games start to mean a lot more as we get closer to the magic numbers, (Go Royals ! ! ! ,and football becomes the Monday Morning talk in offices all over the world.

It also seems that we start to crave different foods. Is it advertising or the media? Or, do our bodies crave things that are in season because fresh food is actually more nutritious than crap from a can?

Fresh food, especially produce is always better for you than crap from a can, but the essential thing is that fruits and vegetables taste better when their crops are in season. Fall is the season for apples, cranberries, and pumpkins, and it is no surprise that we see more of these foods both at the market and in the media in September/October.

So while we are easing into this year’s new fall season, I decided to poll SteveFromScratch fans and find out some of your favorite foods and drinks that you crave in the fall. So go ahead, don’t wait for the beep, don’t pass go, head directly for that comment button and let me know what are you most excited about cooking / and or enjoying this fall.
Do It ! !


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