Time For Some Locally Grown, All Natural, RedNeck Edufication…..

So I Bought Some Red Onions Today And Was A Little Pissed When I Opened The Bag And Found 3 Rotting Onions With Green Sprouts…..I Was Originally Going To Toss Them In The Ol’ Compost Bucket Until That Thing Inside My Hat Rack Went “Ding”…..


The First Thing I Did Was To Trim Away All Of The Papery Dry Outer Husk Of The Onion……Then I Started Gently Paring Away The Layers Of The Rotting Onion “Meat”….Taking Care Not To Disturb Any Of The Spindly White Roots That May Be Growing……Peeling It Away Until You Get To The Bulb Of The Onion…….

onion2                                                                                                       As Such…….


The next Step Was To Plant…..I Buried The Bulb Of The Nearly Discarded Rotting Onion In A Pot Full Of Rich Soil….Left The Green Of The Onion Exposed….Watered Lightly….And Ta-Dow!!……In 3-4 Weeks…..If You Keep Them Watered Well And In A Semi Sunny Spot…..You Will Have Your Own Crop Of Onions…….”Look Ma…..I Did It Myself”………




3 thoughts on “Time For Some Locally Grown, All Natural, RedNeck Edufication…..

  1. I read somewhere once that if your onions are sprouting like this that they are bad. But I’m never quite sure if I should really throw them out or just cut out the sprouting part. I’m judging by this post I should not be using them, right?

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